Call it human endowment

As the Billy Price Band was wrapping up their set and the pyrotechnic display was just about to begin on Friday night, I was walking through the tent that had just played host to the public launch of Inspire Innovation, The Campaign for Carnegie Mellon University.

An alumnus stopped me and said, "Having this kickoff during Homecoming with everyone from campus invited was fabulous. I cannot tell you what it meant to come back to campus and see the whole university celebrating an event. The throngs of students alone made my day."

I had heard similar comments from faculty, returning alumni and students during the evening – and I must admit, the reaction was what we were hoping for.

This campaign is about bringing together the extended Carnegie Mellon community – faculty, staff, students, alumni, parents and friends, to rally around and support the wonder of what this university is and what it is to become.

Yes, it's about growing the financial endowment, but it's also about making every stakeholder in the university a true partner - informed, involved and an advocate for who we are.

Call it human endowment.

Although we each bring our individual experiences from working here or studying here, we all share a sense of pride and amazement of what we have accomplished and how the value of the university to the world has been enhanced.

We hope the campaign to be transparent to you as we share our challenges and successes. We hope this campaign is your campaign and we thank you for your involvement.


Where everybody knows your name ...

Wondering what this campaign is all about? This 7-minute video provides a great overview. And it's narrated by Carnegie Mellon alum Ted Danson.


Photos from Friday's big kick-off

The kickoff event last Friday was fantastic. Thanks to everyone for coming out and celebrating Carnegie Mellon's success and our future. For those folks who weren't able to make it, we posted a slideshow of highlights on our website. Check it out.


Come on in, there's room for the whole family...

So, lots of people are wondering what that huge tent in the middle of campus is all about.

Cars are slowing down on Forbes. Students are circling it. Alumni are taking pictures.

We took a few snapshots ourselves.

It's an impressive site. It's also home to what's going to be one great event -- Celebrate Our Future: Carnegie Mellon's Campaign Kick-Off.

There will be live music -- all with some kind of Carnegie Mellon connection. Celebrity emcees. Even pyrotechnics (see previous post).

We'll be posting updates after the event. But really, if you're in town and you are worried there's not going to be enough room, rest assured -- there's plenty of room.

Check out this other photo for scale. Take a closer look. See the arrow? See the van?

So come on down! There's room and we'd love to have you join us. It's a chance for the Carnegie Mellon community to come together and celebrate how far we've come -- and how far we will go in the future.

B there! Oct. 24. Doors open 7:30 p.m. on the CFA lawn. Festivities start at 8 p.m.


Meet a Super-Villain

Ever wonder what it's like to play a super-villain having a change of heart? Or an aspiring author working at a 1960s ad agency? Here's your chance to ask the experts.

Carnegie Mellon alums Zachary Quinto (also known as the spooky Sylar on NBC's Heroes) and Aaron Staton (the flirtatious Ken Cosgrove on AMC's Mad Men), will be joining us for an event already causing quite a bit of buzz on campus.

Celebrate Our Future: Carnegie Mellon's Campaign Kick-Off will start Friday, Oct. 24, at 8 p.m. on the CFA lawn.

This FREE event will also feature:
  • Live bands ... all with a Carnegie Mellon connection.
  • Refreshments ... think autumn harvest snacks ... apples, caramel, marshmallows, mmmm...
  • Even pyrotechnics ... don't worry, this will be handled by professionals, not entrepreneurial chem students ... and no, you can't roast your marshmallows with 'em.
For more details on the event, check out www.cmu.edu/bthere.