NFL Films presents: Randy Pausch

"Here we go, Steelers. Here we go."

Excitement is building in Pittsburgh, as the Steelers prepare for their final game of the season -- Super Bowl XLIII. But they'll have to share the "NFL Films Presents" spotlight with another Pittsburgher -- Randy Pausch.

Pausch -- Carnegie Mellon's beloved professor and alumnus -- touched the lives of people around the world with his one-of-a-kind lecture at the university in Sept. '07. And now, his inspiring words are reaching a new audience -- football fans.


The National Football League (NFL) is making great use of the memorable messages from Pausch's last lecture, "Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams."

"NFL Films Presents" -- television's longest running sports series that creates programming for ESPN, the NFL Network and NFL.com -- recently produced a segment featuring Randy Pausch. The video focuses on Pausch's last lecture and his dream to play pro football, capturing a unique perspective.

The segment already aired in December and will likely air several more times over the coming months.

Pausch made a tremendous impact on the global society before he died of complications from pancreatic cancer in July 2008. And his legacy continues today.

Pausch's role in increasing public support for pancreatic cancer research made great strides in the health and wellness category. In the fall, the U.S. Senate honored Pausch for his efforts.

In 1999, Pausch co-founded the Entertainment Technology Center (ETC), formally combining next generation computing with artistic inquiry at Carnegie Mellon.

Great innovations are developed at the ETC, including Alice -- Pausch's main research project. Now Sun Microsystems, Inc. is teaming up with Carnegie Mellon to support the continuing development of the project.

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