High Oil Prices a Good Thing?

We all knew it would happen – gas prices are on the rise again. It’s worthwhile to consider the upside, says Professor Lester Lave at Carnegie Mellon. His take on the high cost of oil is just one part of a piece featured on the “NewsHour with Jim Lehrer” that aired last summer – also featuring Lave Carnegie Mellon’s Deb Lange, executive director of the Steinbrenner Institute, Professor of Architecture Volker Hartkopf, and alumnus Vinod Khosla (E ’78), who is working on alternative energy solutions.

Almost a year later, it’s still highly relevant: High Oil Costs May Advance Conservation Research.

Long before it became a popular topic for debate among the United Nations, Carnegie Mellon researchers were already working on ways to conserve energy. The university has several LEED certified buildings, green roofs, windmill and solar power, and an array of electric and natural gas vehicles. And the high cost of oil is part of what drives this research and development by stimulating the need for more environmentally friendly solutions.

Be sure to check out the NewsHour piece. It's worth the 8 minutes.

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