Moving 4th Into Engineering

Getting 30-some fourth graders interested in engineering may seem like a challenge. But as it turns out, it’s a piece of cake. Literally.

This April marked the 15th annual Moving 4th Into Engineering Program, where students from a variety of Pittsburgh area schools were invited to Carnegie Mellon for a day of engineering activities. The interactive agenda included hands-on experiments and exercises, as well as a rocket-building competition complete with a rocket-shaped cake as the grand prize.

Even though the demand for their skills is increasing, fewer engineers graduate from American colleges each year. So the program aims to invigorate interest in math, science and engineering at an early age and encourage students to seek out future study in those areas.

The program is a result of a collaborative effort between the College of Engineering, Institute for Complex Engineered Systems (ICES), the departments of Civil and Environmental Engineerin and Chemical Engineering, the Center for University Outreach, and the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Technology Alliance (PITA).

Each year, faculty, staff and students from the ICES volunteer to lead the program and work with the students throughout their day of engineering. The program was a success again this year. And the much coveted rocket cake inspired some great innovations.

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