Little Brother

What does a propaganda-spitting robot have to tell us about activism and the art of subversion?

Ask Carnegie Mellon alumnus and professor Richard Pell, who developed "Little Brother" -- a robot that distributes subversive literature to the public.

The professor of art combines engineering, science and activism to spark dialogue on contemporary issues, and his works have been exhibited worldwide.

Pell's current project is to create the world's first comprehensive map of genetically modified flora and fauna in order to raise awareness of genetic modification.

To support this project, Pell received a 2009 Creative Capital Award to form a new Center for Post-Natural Studies and a new media fellowship from the Rockefeller Foundation, which recognizes the most relevant and talented artists in the U.S.

And Pell's not the only one at Carnegie Mellon being recognized of his work at the intersection of arts and technology. Golan Levin , associate professor in the School of Art and Grisha Coleman, a fellow in the Studio for Creative Inquiry were also recipients of the Creative Capital Award.

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