Impact, Innovation & Imagination

More than 400 alumni, students, faculty and friends gathered in the Silicon Valley June 20 for a day of impact, innovation and imagination.

The day began an innovation showcase presented by Silicon Valley faculty members. Attendees were able to participate in four presentations that explored new technologies, new thinking and new ways to collaborate. The result? Seeing tomorrow’s breakthroughs today.

Next it was on to a panel discussion regarding the dramatic impact arts and technology has on virtually every aspect of our lives. As the gap between art and technology narrows, it’s apparent that the hybrid combination will continue to be a part in the evolution of our culture.

The evening concluded with Lydia Ayers’ “Graffiti: Lucky Calligraphy” performed by Elizabeth Osorio (A’10).

Check out pictures of the event on our Inspire Innovation website. Watch the panel on YouTube or download the audio or video version on iTunes U.

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