Real-World Experience. In Tanzania.

Each year, hundreds of Carnegie Mellon students participate in summer internships around the globe. One striking example includes six Carnegie Mellon students and recent alumni from the university’s Pittsburgh and Doha campuses who are taking part in the innovative iSTEP internship program.

iSTEP – innovative Student Technology ExPerience – is a unique internship program launched this summer by Carnegie Mellon’s TechBridgeWorld Research Group.

So what makes this program different from a traditional 9-5 office job?

For starters, the location puts true meaning in the phrase “real-world experience.” Five interns are based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania while one intern is supporting the project from Pittsburgh. All are applying the knowledge and skills they acquired in the classroom in order to do some creative problem-solving in an unfamiliar setting.

The team is working closely with local partners in developing communities and contributed technical expertise by inventing new tools and customizing existing technology. Their three projects include literacy tools for primary school students, a mobile phone application for social workers and Braille tutor for visually-impaired students.

To learn more about the interns’ day-to-day experiences, follow them on Twitter, visit their Facebook page or read their blog.

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