Google Wave

Technology is changing so rapidly, it’s hard to keep up. But that doesn’t stop our students, professors and alumni from being at the forefront of the latest online trends and creations.

Heard of the new Google Wave?

Alum Seth Covitz (CS’96) is a developer at Google working on this new online tool that combines live conversation with documentation. It's one of the most talked about tech developments in years — with some speculating Wave will eventually replace email.

Wave users can add richly formatted text, photos, videos, maps and more to their conversations. It's as simple as copying-and-pasting a link or dragging-and-dropping a file. It's also possible to edit any part of a wave at any time, bring new participants into an existing wave, and playback the wave to see what's already been said.

And that’s not all. Users can also add extensions into their conversation, such as Complety Robot who runs a Google search API and replaces every "???" in your text with a suggested word.

Right now people can sign up for a Google Wave invitation or get one from a friend who was among the first to wave. Covitz promises more invites will be coming soon.

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Arabb said...

I have a few Google Wave invites if anyone wants/needs one.