The Pausch Bridge Dedication

As part of the 2009 homecoming festivities, the Carnegie Mellon community celebrated the dedication of the Randy Pausch Bridge. Featuring comments from President Cohon and Randy’s family, the ceremony was a moving tribute to the life and legacy of the late Carnegie Mellon professor.

Randy’s work was about bridging the gap between technology and the arts, so it’s only fitting that the bridge would literally join together a fine arts building and the new Gates & Hillman Centers of Computer Science.

The bridge features more than 7,000 programmable (and environmentally friendly) LED lights. The lighting sequences are designed to represent six different visual metaphors from Randy’s book, including:
• Fun with Crayons
• Outer Space
• Make the Most of Each Day
• Be the First Penguin
• The Elevator in Randy’s Room
• Disney and the Circus

The show runs for about 15 minutes and repeats on a loop during the evening. Check out Carnegie Mellon on Flickr to see photos from the event or visit the university’s YouTube channel to watch the video.

Credits: Mack Scogin, Mack Scogin Merrill Elam Architects; C & C Lighting LLC: Cindy Limauro and Christopher Popovich; Color Kinetics, now part of Philips

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