Wire Less

We live in a wireless world. Yet we’re not completely wire-free. Eventually batteries run low and we’re forced to plug in for power.

But what if we didn’t have to reach for the wires to recharge?

According to College of Engineering alum Eric Giler (E’77), the reality of wirelessly charging technology is just around the corner.

Giler – who’s the CEO of WiTricity Corp – is developing safe, efficient, wireless electric power. In layman’s terms that’s the ability to transfer power over a distanced without relying on wires.

Using magnetic resonance, WiTricity’s technology can transfer energy a full room’s distance. So conceivably your cell phone could be charging in your pocket as you relax in your den. The applications are endless.

Giler and his wife, Kim (HS’78) have been generously committed to Carnegie Mellon, supporting students through the Giler Family Scholarship as part of the Holleran Scholarship Challenge, as well establishing the Giler Humanities Lecture Series.

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