What’s just around the corner?

You never know – until now, that is.

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon are working on a camera network that gives people the illusion of seeing through buildings.

Aside from making people feel like superheroes, what’s the purpose?

This technology could help prevent auto accidents. Drivers can use a windshield display to see pedestrians, cyclists and oncoming traffic around corners.

The research team would also like to use this technology to help with search and rescue efforts disasters. Robots with cameras could be sent into the disaster site and send footage back to search and rescue teams to help them locate victims.

The “see-through” views are possible with the consolidation of several video angles into one perceptually coherent view. The trick, say the researchers, is making the footage seem perceptually plausible without being too realistic.

Professor Yaswer Sheikh clarified, "We couldn't have people running into walls."

Sheikh is collaborating with Professor Takeo Kande, and grad students Ankur Datta and Peter Barnum on this project. Read more on the homepage and watch videos.

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