Flip for Our Students

In the age of reality television, anybody can become a star. Now, with innovations like the Flip video camcorder, anybody can be a videographer, too.

The Flip video camera is a portable device that makes shooting high quality footage easy for anybody. And, as are many of today’s great innovations, it was created by Carnegie Mellon alum Jonathan Kaplan (TPR ’90).

But there’s more to the Flip cam than just the opportunity to capture your favorite people or events on video. The university is part of the Flip for Good program. That means for each Carnegie Mellon Flip video camcorder sold, $10 will support student initiatives at the university.

Now you can show your Tartan pride and Flip for Good when you sport any of the five Carnegie Mellon camera designs. Visit www.cmu.edu/multiamedia/flip for more info.

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