President Obama Pays CMU a Visit

President Barack Obama made it back to Carnegie Mellon’s Pittsburgh campus this week.

This time he addressed the economy, health care, education and clean energy. Watch the video to hear what he had to say. A full transcript of his speech is also available.

It’s no coincidence Obama chose to deliver this speech Carnegie Mellon. President Jared Cohon weighed in on the significance of the location.

"Another aspect of the significance of his speech for us is the fact that it's here in Pittsburgh and at Carnegie Mellon," Cohon said.

"Why Pittsburgh? I think it's the same reason why he chose Pittsburgh to host the G-20. We are, as you heard him say, one of the leading models of an older industrial city, which has transformed its economy. Why Carnegie Mellon? I think it's because we're a major actor, and he knows that, in that transformation and in continuing that transformation."

Relive Obama’s 2008 visit. Watch his address and the panel discussion.

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