Smart Grid

With the demand for smart alternative energy sources on the rise, Carnegie Mellon is doing its part. In addition to using green alternatives wherever possible, a new program will equip students with the technical skills required to address the world’s energy needs.

Teaming up with the Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC), Carnegie Mellon will host a new Smart Grid Research Center. The new partnership – called the Energy Research Initiative (ERI) – matches energy-related companies with university researchers.

The goal? To efficiently generate and distribute renewable energy resources.

CMU researchers will focus on systems engineering and technologies to enable and optimize smart grids. According to the College of Engineering’s dean, Pradeep Khosla, the new initiative is designed to develop reliable, affordable, secure, clean and efficient energy systems. It will also help provide students with the expertise and skills needed to move this technology to the marketplace.

Wondering how this might affect you? Marija Ilic, professor of electrical and computer engineering, and engineering and public policy explains:

“Smart Grids are needed to enhance sustainability, which is a careful tradeoff between reliability (lights staying on), short-and-long term efficiency (cost of electricity), greenhouse gas emissions reduction (a cleaner world), and financially sound innovation and deployment of unconventional technologies that will help create employment opportunities,” Ilic said.

“For these objectives to co-exist, it is critical to engage in multidisciplinary engineering systems of smart grids.”

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