Sci-Fi Saves Lives

When disaster strikes, lives are at stake. And it’s not just those of the victims; it’s the lives of the search and rescue team, too.

But what if you could eliminate that risk?

That’s exactly what Pei Zhang – a researcher at Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley – is working on with the creation of SensorFly “swarmbots.” Part of a mobile-controlled flying sensor network, these little robots have life-saving applications. They can:
  • Monitor change in dangerous environments (i.e. earthquakes and fires)
  • Communicate with each other through onboard radios to avoid being damaged
  • Help keep rescuers safe and victims alive until they can be reached
SensorFly is less expensive to place and deploy than traditional static sensor networks. Plus, they are resilient in a dynamic environment such as disaster scenario or even outer space.

To add a Sci-Fi twist, these ‘bots could potentially even help humans find a habitable planet in the far reaches of the galaxy. Zhang’s work was even featured on Discovery’s Sci Fi Science to show how that vision could become reality.

Watch a clip from Sci Fi Science>>
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