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d’Arte was founded by a group of Carnegie Mellon students in 2009. Since then, their mission has been to foster appreciation for various forms of art at Carnegie Mellon University and in the greater Pittsburgh community.

In order to instill appreciation in others, the students themselves express just how much they value their Carnegie Mellon education, drawing attention to a new ranking.

It wasn’t long ago Unigo.com named Carnegie Mellon the number 1 on their list of “New Ivies.” In the most recent issue, Anh Bui and Efi Turkson – both third year English majors in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences – wrote an article on the Ivy League.

The article explains how Carnegie Mellon students, faculty and alumni are on same playing field as any Ivy League university. And we do it with billions less in our endowment.

“Our past and current accomplishments prove that we don’t need an Ivy League title to know we are here to do great things,” wrote Bui and Turkson.

Read the full article online on pages 38 – 40.

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