The Nightmare Story: A Dream Come True.

The Nightmare Story” stood out among the 1200 other performances at the 2010 New York International Fringe Festival. In fact, it won the coveted honor of Best Overall Production.
It’s the fifth original show by PigPen – a theatre company formed by seven Carnegie Mellon seniors in the School of Drama.

The story centers on the only son of a woman tormented by nightmares – and he’s the key to her salvation.

And the story-telling has people talking. The unique blend of shadow-puppets, dark humor and strong acting is both haunting and engaging.

PigPen members include: Arya Shahi, Ben Ferguson, Dan Weschler, Ryan Melia, Curtis Gillen, Alex Falberg and Matt Nuernberger.

The group created their ensemble in 2008 for a performance in the School of Drama’s “Playground: A Festival of Independent Student Work.” Since then, they’ve performed regionally at playhouses in New York, Chicago, Pittsburgh and Martha’s Vineyard.

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