Brain, Mind & Learning

World-renowned researchers and scientists at Carnegie Mellon are dedicated to excellence in brain and behavior research. And they’re already making important discoveries.

With the launch of the university's new Brain, Mind and Learning initiative, CMU now plans to become an even bigger player in these fields.

CMU recently presented a panel discussion on the topic, featuring:
  • Justine Cassell, director of the Human-Computer Interaction Institute, School of Computer Science;
  • Marcel Just, D.O. Hebb Professor of Psychology and director of the Center for Cognitive Brain Imaging and the Scientific Imaging and Brain Research Center;
  • Michael J. Tarr, George A. and Helen Dunham Cowan Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience and co-director of the Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition;
  • Nathan Urban, Dr. Frederick A. Schwertz Distinguished Professor of Life Sciences and head of the Department of Biological Sciences.
CMU Provost and Executive Vice President Mark Kamlet moderated the discussion.

Learn more about the panelists, the projects they’re working on, and the dozens of centers and departments that are playing leading roles in the university’s the brain, mind and learning initiative.

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