Love a Donor

Each year, donors have helped support the $55 million that Carnegie Mellon provides for undergraduate financial aid. While tuition dollars cover about two-thirds of education costs, thousands of donors help bridge the gap.

As part of Carnegie Mellon’s recent “Love a Donor” week, more than 1,500 students turned out to thank alumni, faculty, staff, parents and friends who support CMU with their giving.

Why are our students so grateful? They know donors make the difference. Without the generous support of thousands of donors around the world, their CMU experience would not be possible.

Hear from our students about the impact of past contributions.

Thank you so much for last year's annual fund contribution. It helps undergrad students like me achieve academically, expand personally, and think outside of the box like a true Tartan. Thank you!
~ Cynthia

Thank you so much for making your donation and making my education possible. I'm truly pursuing my dreams here as an economics, mathematics, and professional writing major (I know I'm a bit crazy). Nonetheless, my dreams are coming true because of you. Thank you.
~ Zach

Thank you for your continued support of CMU. Everyone talks about our academics, but I feel even more blessed to have made the relationships I've made here. From coaches, to professors, to students, this university exemplifies the spirit of collaboration needed in this world. Thank you for your help in making this all possible.
~ Chris

Visit Carnegie Mellon on Flickr to view more photos from the week.

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