This is Jeopardy!

Answer: This IBM computer system is the first non-human contestant on Jeopardy!

Question: What is Watson?

That is correct!

The first Jeopardy! game ever to feature a non-human contestant is underway this week.

Watson — a Question Answering (QA) system developed by IBM and Carnegie Mellon University — is competing against former champions Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter.

With one day of game play remaining, Watson has taken the lead.

"The Jeopardy! problem is an important challenge for the field, because systems have to respond much more quickly than they ever have in the past," said CMU's Eric Nyberg.

Nyberg is a professor at CMU's Language Technologies Institute (LTI) at the School of Computer Science.

Just imagine what this computer can do.

Not only does it have to quickly recall knowledge from an array of topics. It also has to evaluate its own confidence level — to determine whether or not to answer immediately or pass on a particular question.

Then there’s the Jeopardy! lingo. The show uses metaphors, rhyming, puns and puzzles – which is another challenge for Watson.

Read more about Watson on cmu.edu or tune in to Jeopardy! tonight at 7 pm est on NBC to watch Watson in action.

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New Buffalo MI fishing said...

The technology was good enough to beat Ken and Brad - but given the frequency of wrong answers that Watson didn't buzz in on tells that there is still a long ways to go in getting this technology to be able to provide reliable and accurate information.