Rothberg Awards

Ever wonder how the human brain processes thoughts? Learns new things? Or even how it ages?

The answers to these questions are becoming less of a mystery thanks in part to the groundbreaking work of CMU scientists. And now, new research awards will enable scientists to take their research even further.

The Rothberg Research Awards in Human Brain Imaging are made possible by CMU alum and trustee Jonathan M. Rothberg (E’85). The founder of four genetic companies aimed at improving human health, Rothberg wanted to support CMU’s leadership in brain science with the creation of these awards.

The awards allow CMU faculty, post-docs and students to push research boundaries while investigating how the brain thinks, learns and ages.

Seven recipients have been selected to share the $100,000 presented by the inaugural Rothberg Brain Research Awards.

  • James Bursley (HS’12), a psychology major
  • Alona Fyshe (ML’11), a machine learning Ph.D. candidate
  • Amy Hubbard, the A.W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in the Modern Languages Department
  • Guillaume Lematire, a postdoctoral research associate in the Psychology Department
  • Amanda Markey (HS’11), a social and decision sciences Ph.D. candidate
  • Richard Randall, an assistant professor of music theory in the School of Music
  • Leila Wehbe (ML’11), a machine learning Ph.D. candidate
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