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It didn’t take long for Sharif Siddiqui (TPR’00) to realize he wanted to give back to Carnegie Mellon University. During Siddiqui’s senior year, the former soccer player began thinking about ways he could thank CMU for the opportunities he received as a student and athlete.

Sharif Siddiqui, Ben Kartzman and Tommy Seier 
Siddiqui, along with fellow men’s soccer alumni Tommy Seier (DC’01) and Ben Kartzman (DC’00, CS’00), recently followed through on their ambition by establishing the Nick Gaudioso Leadership Scholarship. Gaudioso was CMU’s head soccer coach from 1981-2007.

“During college, we obviously had a great experience,” Siddiqui said. “As we were finishing our senior year, a lot of the guys discussed ways we could give back to the school. At the time, we didn’t have the financial means, but fortunately as our careers have progressed, we have the means to give back.”

For Siddiqui, who has been an annual supporter of the athletics program, the idea to recognize Gaudioso was a no-brainer.

The scholarship will be a four-year award to an incoming freshman. Per NCAA bylaws, athletic ability will not be a factor in determining recipients of the scholarship. Siddiqui hopes that the money he, Seier and Kartzman contributed is just a start for the fund, which they established as part of the Endowed Scholarship Trustee Challenge.

Nick Gaudioso
“The goal is to get more soccer alums to donate in Nick’s name and grow the size of the scholarship,” Siddiqui said. “It would be great to fund multiple students.”

“Nick always trusted us to make the best decisions for ourselves as it related to our academics and always supported us in putting school first,” Kartzman said.  “He reminded us to make the most of every minute we had together because he knew how great it was to be in that environment. It's no coincidence that some of my best friends in life are the guys I played soccer with during my time at Carnegie Mellon.  Nick fostered that culture for generations of student-athletes and we're humbled to have the opportunity to honor him in this small way.”

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