SURF to the Moon

The poster on the bulletin board read, "We're going to the moon."

Corinne Vassallo (A'13) said, sign me up.

With the help of a SURF grant, the music major was able to pursue her desire to contribute to the Google Lunar X project at Carnegie Mellon University.

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Love a (CMU) Donor

Each February, the university comes together for “Love a Donor” week—a chance to thank thousands of individuals who support Carnegie Mellon with their giving.

Having recently completed its third year, Love a Donor has continued to grow. This year’s event included 150 enthusiastic students and staff volunteers who set up locations across campus where students, faculty and staff could write a thank you note.

The results:
2,100+ thank you notes written
58 new student Loyal Scots
Countless eyes opened to the impact donors make every day at CMU

Here are just some samples of the heartfelt—and sometimes humorous—notes written by our students:

How was your CMU experience? (A) Tough (B) Helpful (C) Fulfilling (D) All of the Above. My name is Vijay and my answer is D. Thank you for supporting this amazing experience. – Vijay (CIT’15)

Thank you so much for your generosity. I’ve been loving my time here at CMU because it is such a unique university. Your help only makes it better. Come visit for Carnival! – Emily (TPR’14)

I am currently a math major at CMU in my senior year. I cannot imagine getting through the past four years without your support. Thank you for making the past four years possible. – Anna (MCS’12)

Without your help I would not be at CMU, and I would not have been able to experience any of the awesome opportunities here. I am forever grateful. – Jon (CIT’13)

People like you make this world a better place. Keep being a role model to those around you and encourage them to give back as well. – Nadyli (DC’15)

I know that I would not have many of the opportunities I do without your support and kindness. Thank you. – Megan (CFA’12)

No matter how you say it, thanks are in order for CMU’s much beloved donors.

Check out photos of students, faculty and staff from this year’s Love a Donor week.